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Moving through the many different challenges that we encounter in life is so much easier when we have support. Whether you are dealing with a relationship concern, anxiety, depression, grief, self doubt, loss, illness, or traumatic events - I am here to help you gently release whatever is blocking you, and return to your clarity and personal power.


I have been trained in multiple methods of energetic and spiritual healing, past life regression, tarot, and much more. We will clear your energy field of any energies you might be carrying that are not yours, and release any trapped emotions that are weighing you down. The treatments are tailored to your needs, and multiple methods can be utilized in one session if desired. 

I chose the name Kala to represent my offerings. Kala is a Hawaiian word that means forgiveness, release, and unlimited possibilities, and expresses the essence of my work. Through forgiving ourselves and others, we are able to release ourselves from the invisible chains that bind us, and become free to create the life we truly want.

Please explore my services to see how I can assist you.